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25 Content Ideas for your Newsletter

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You may have got to the stage in your business where you are thinking of adding a newsletter as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

Before even looking at content you will need to set your goals and how and what to measure. You will need to identify why you are sending the newsletter – is it for educating and informing or is it purely sales?

Spam or No Spam

It’s important you don’t send unsolicited emails to anyone particularly from a personal email account. This is spam, and not only is it annoying, it’s illegal. Using a newsletter campaign software program such as Mail Chimp gives your subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe should they wish. You can also track delivery successes, open rates, click through rates, and see which links get the most clicks. A good manager will also allow you to track which subscribers are opening your messages and which users are ignoring you.

How often you plan on sending your newsletter will determine how many topics to include, which will then determine how much time and effort it will take to put it all together.

Content Ideas

Here are 25 content ideas for your newsletter –
1. Personal note from your business
2. Editorials
3. How to’s
4. Latest product release / Product Spotlight
5. Sales
6. Promotions / Special Offers / Competitions / Contests / Giveaways
7. Tips
8. Link to blogs – yours and guests
9. Customer stories / Testimonials
10. Company updates / Employee introduction / Behind the scenes
11. Industry news
12. Questions from customers and your Answers
14. Sponsor/Partnership Advertisements
15. Statistics
16. Polls/Surveys
17. Events
18. Reminders on key dates
19. Photos
20. Reader submitted photo of your product
21. Videos
22. Reviews
23. Links to your website and social media platforms
24. Interview with inspirational people (relevant to audience)
25. Funnies – jokes, comics, trivia

Thinking about the information that your target audience would like/needs to know will help you decide on what content to include. Keep in mind your subscribers may not be in the position to spend large quantities of time reading massive amounts of content so it’s not recommended to include all the above content ideas in the one newsletter.

And importantly, as with all your marketing efforts ensure that you are consistent with your branding.

If you need assistance or would like to outsource your newsletter process contact Baillie Admin Services.

5 Mistakes Small Business Make on Social Media


Social media is here to stay and it’s a cost effective opportunity that small business can tap into to grow brand awareness and the bottom line.

Unfortunately many businesses make these five common mistakes on social media that can easily be avoided. If you are guilty of making these mistakes, don’t despair because the remedy to repair them is available.

Ok let’s face it there are more than five but it’s no point alarming you too much.


Build it and they will come

Many businesses mistakenly believe that all they have to do is set up a business page on any and all social media platforms and the profits will start rolling in. Business owners know that when potential customers search their social media platform of choice their small business will show up in the results and ultimately customers will find all the relevant information needed that will lead them to their business point of sale. We covered the importance of having a social media presence in a previous post Hello, are you out there?

However, building your social media business page it is only the first step. Unfortunately once the page is established many small business owners fall into the next mistake….


No commitment to a long term social media strategy

Sure the customer can find you on social media but today’s consumer is looking for more information and requires as much as 18 touch points before making a purchase. Your social media business page is only one of those points. If you have taken a set and forget approach to your social media platforms then your customer is going to go elsewhere to be informed and entertained.

Using social media requires a constant and consistent approach. With a well-constructed strategy the time you spend on social media for your business can be used wisely that will prevent the next mistake of…


Post Overload

With no strategy many business owners jump onto their social media platforms once a week and publish and share multiple posts within minutes. The followers who have stuck around have now been bombarded with your inconsistent messages and posts that they don’t bother reading, let alone engaging with. Most will scroll right past your information and some will move immediately to unfollow.

If once a week is the only time you have to spend on updating your followers then look to schedule your messages so that your audience is drip fed the information over the course of the week/month. The other alternative that many small businesses fall into is the next mistake of….


Post Ghost Town

With no commitment to a long term strategy there are those business pages that have been left derelict for days, weeks and months at a time. You can see from the timeline if the business has made the commitment to keep their followers informed. When you come across these pages you are left with the impression that the business is no longer operating or they just don’t care about their customers.

Your business page is not there for you it is for your customers, that leads to the mistake of….


Ignoring your Followers

Your social media business page is an opportunity to interact with your consumers and just as you wouldn’t ignore a potential customer on the shop floor, neither should you ignore them on social media platforms. It irks me as a small business owner when I visit pages, of both large and small businesses, that have received comments, questions and messages from their followers with no response from the business – even if the page is managed by someone other than the business owner.

It is a simple customer service action to acknowledge the engagement and will leave your follower feeling valued who is more likely to engage with you on a regular basis and from that contact a relationship will be established that hopefully will result in a sale.


Once you get these mistakes sorted you will find that your social media efforts move from being a time sink operation to an organised process driving brand awareness, customer engagement and ultimately profits.

Have you made these mistakes on social media?


If you require assistance with repairing these mistakes across your social media platforms, then Baillie Admin Services can define and develop a custom designed social media service covering strategy, management and marketing to meet yours and your customer’s needs. Your business is unique and your social media strategy should be too.

Spying on the Competition



Let’s face it, some weeks you post and post and there is just no action on your Facebook page yet you think your competitor is just killing it with massive reach and engagement!!



Do you want to know their secret?

There are a few options whereby you can research your competitor’s page to see what they are doing and replicate it for your page and for this post we will look at Pages to Watch.



If at least 100 people like your Page, you can create a list of Pages to watch that easily allows you to compare the performance of your Page with similar Pages on Facebook. Keep in mind that you need to choose at least 5 Pages to watch to see insights about them.

To create a list of Pages to watch:

  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Overview
  3. Scroll down to Pages to Watch and click Add Pages
  4. Search for a Page you want to watch or choose from Facebooks suggested Pages and click + Watch Page
  5. After choosing at least 5 Pages, click Done

When you add a Page to watch, the people who manage the Page will get a notification. This notification won’t include your name or the name of your Page.

You can add up to 100 pages so make sure you include pages outside of your industry that are performing well.

To stop watching a Page:

  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Scroll down to Pages to Watch
  3. Hover over the Page you want to remove and click x

Review your Pages to Watch regularly – check out how often they post, what they post and what type of engagement they get.



To review your list of Pages to Watch:

  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Overview
  3. Scroll down Pages to  Watch
  4. Click on a Page you watch to see the top posts of the week

To review the Top 5 posts from ALL of your Pages to Watch:

  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Posts
  3. Scroll across to tab Top Posts from Pages You Watch



Don’t copy your competitors post directly but use the ideas and information to amend your strategy.

You should already be using a variety of post types, including text, links photos and video so it may only be a matter of tweaking what you are already doing.


If you require assistance with your social media management, Baillie Admin Services offers management packages to suit your business.


What’s in a word?

Do you have your direction planned for 2016?

I really enjoyed my time away in holiday mode this year with no phone reception and no internet – it gave me time to ponder what I wanted my year to be like.

Blogs, articles and workshops for goals and goal planning always feature prominently at the start of each year and like many people I endeavour to set resolutions and new goals at the start of each New Year, however, like 78% of the population many of my resolutions tend to drift off by the end of January and it takes more time to get into planning the goals all over again.

Do you have your personal and business goals plastered across your home and office?

I had recently read some information that offered some different approaches to setting these New Year resolutions. You can read the full article here.

The suggestion was to choose one word as a theme to provide guidance and focus for your year. One word to guide your year hardly seems to be sufficient – what with family, business and everything else that crosses our plate each day, but the more I contemplated the more I liked the idea.

So the concept of using a word to guide my thoughts, actions and processes seemed engaging.

What is my word?


It really wasn’t that hard to come up with. I had been reading some recommended business books, I had been in a discussion with a business coach and I had watched a webinar by Michael Hyatt and this one word kept coming up. It was written. It was spoken. It has come across my computer so many times that there was no way I could miss this one.

When I really thought about it I realised that, for far too long I have allowed myself to drift – and sometimes be dragged – along by the will and wants of others that as a mother and a virtual assistant is hard to avoid, however with this new process I can now choose to think and act differently.

The simple definition of Intention            : the thing that you plan to do or achieve

                                                                         : an aim or purpose

So there you have it, one word for clarity and focus for 2016.

Do you have a WORD for the year?

Do you plan your year down to the minute detail or are you a drifter?