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25 Content Ideas for your Newsletter

25 Content Ideas for your Newsletter

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You may have got to the stage in your business where you are thinking of adding a newsletter as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

Before even looking at content you will need to set your goals and how and what to measure. You will need to identify why you are sending the newsletter – is it for educating and informing or is it purely sales?

Spam or No Spam

It’s important you don’t send unsolicited emails to anyone particularly from a personal email account. This is spam, and not only is it annoying, it’s illegal. Using a newsletter campaign software program such as Mail Chimp gives your subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe should they wish. You can also track delivery successes, open rates, click through rates, and see which links get the most clicks. A good manager will also allow you to track which subscribers are opening your messages and which users are ignoring you.

How often you plan on sending your newsletter will determine how many topics to include, which will then determine how much time and effort it will take to put it all together.

Content Ideas

Here are 25 content ideas for your newsletter –
1. Personal note from your business
2. Editorials
3. How to’s
4. Latest product release / Product Spotlight
5. Sales
6. Promotions / Special Offers / Competitions / Contests / Giveaways
7. Tips
8. Link to blogs – yours and guests
9. Customer stories / Testimonials
10. Company updates / Employee introduction / Behind the scenes
11. Industry news
12. Questions from customers and your Answers
14. Sponsor/Partnership Advertisements
15. Statistics
16. Polls/Surveys
17. Events
18. Reminders on key dates
19. Photos
20. Reader submitted photo of your product
21. Videos
22. Reviews
23. Links to your website and social media platforms
24. Interview with inspirational people (relevant to audience)
25. Funnies – jokes, comics, trivia

Thinking about the information that your target audience would like/needs to know will help you decide on what content to include. Keep in mind your subscribers may not be in the position to spend large quantities of time reading massive amounts of content so it’s not recommended to include all the above content ideas in the one newsletter.

And importantly, as with all your marketing efforts ensure that you are consistent with your branding.

If you need assistance or would like to outsource your newsletter process contact Baillie Admin Services.

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