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What’s in a word?

Do you have your direction planned for 2016?

I really enjoyed my time away in holiday mode this year with no phone reception and no internet – it gave me time to ponder what I wanted my year to be like.

Blogs, articles and workshops for goals and goal planning always feature prominently at the start of each year and like many people I endeavour to set resolutions and new goals at the start of each New Year, however, like 78% of the population many of my resolutions tend to drift off by the end of January and it takes more time to get into planning the goals all over again.

Do you have your personal and business goals plastered across your home and office?

I had recently read some information that offered some different approaches to setting these New Year resolutions. You can read the full article here.

The suggestion was to choose one word as a theme to provide guidance and focus for your year. One word to guide your year hardly seems to be sufficient – what with family, business and everything else that crosses our plate each day, but the more I contemplated the more I liked the idea.

So the concept of using a word to guide my thoughts, actions and processes seemed engaging.

What is my word?


It really wasn’t that hard to come up with. I had been reading some recommended business books, I had been in a discussion with a business coach and I had watched a webinar by Michael Hyatt and this one word kept coming up. It was written. It was spoken. It has come across my computer so many times that there was no way I could miss this one.

When I really thought about it I realised that, for far too long I have allowed myself to drift – and sometimes be dragged – along by the will and wants of others that as a mother and a virtual assistant is hard to avoid, however with this new process I can now choose to think and act differently.

The simple definition of Intention            : the thing that you plan to do or achieve

                                                                         : an aim or purpose

So there you have it, one word for clarity and focus for 2016.

Do you have a WORD for the year?

Do you plan your year down to the minute detail or are you a drifter?

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