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Virtual Assistants – Asset not Expense

Virtual Assistants – Asset not Expense

Virtual Assistant is an Asset to your business

A VA is an asset in your business

I recently connected with another virtual assistant – virtually of course – and our discussion led to the mindset of business owners and their outlook on virtual assistants. We each have clients that swear by using a virtual assistant for their business but there are plenty of others that don’t see the value.

In my last post (Are you running your business) I covered some occasions that indicate when it might be time to consider using a VA but it is time business owners see a virtual assistant as an asset to their business.

EXPENSE — An expense is a cost to the business


Stop seeing the $ per hour


ASSET — An asset is a cost that will add value to the business


Start seeing the bottom line $


Cost Cutting

Utilising the services of a virtual assistant is a great way of streamlining your costs without seriously impacting your budget – it is estimated that through using a VA costs can be streamlined by up to 40%. By managing their own business they are accountable for all expenses related to the VA business so by hiring a virtual assistant you avoid all the costs of meeting staff employment.

A VA is only paid for hours worked and not all the down time that occurs with having staff.


Productivity Increases

Your productivity increases immediately when you outsource to a VA. With the tasks delegated to a Virtual Assistant you can focus on the important core tasks that drive your business. No more procrastinating on the tasks you don’t want to do.

You become more efficient and because your VA is effectively a “Mini Me’ more tasks can be completed in the same timeframe.

If you are an asset within your business then so is your Virtual Assistant.


Masters of their Trade

In today’s online world VAs can offer a large variety of skills and have knowledge of tools and programs across many industries. They are working with many platforms that can assist you and your business processes to be more efficient.

Due to the nature of their work they can also educate themselves on new products quicker than most.

As they are undertaking these skills for multiple businesses they are masters of their trade.

A Virtual Assistant loves running a business – it’s what they are good at. What are you good at?


Stress Relief

Time away from your business can lead to missed opportunities and on the flip side being overworked can lead to fatigue that can be detrimental to your business and your physical well-being. All work and no play ….

Having a Virtual Assistant on-board will afford you what you can’t afford for yourself: time.



A virtual assistant makes it possible to establish flexibility in your business.  This can enable you to create the ideal business environment for you. It can also allow you to deal with unpredictable business conditions.

A virtual assistant is the secret weapon that many businesses are including in their business plans.



Remember a skilled VA will anticipate, collaborate and manage your business as if it was their own – – because it is!


Baillie Admin Services offers Virtual Assistant Services and we would love to be that highly valuable ASSET to your business.

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