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Size Matters

Size Matters


Ever feel like your eyes need testing as you scroll through your social media news feed!

It’s ok it’s not you.

Many of the blurred pictures you see are due to photos being copied or duplicated and used over and over again. This creates poor images and is against copyright legislation.

Each platform has specific requirements in regards to sizing and formats to get the best results for your visuals. Many of the platforms auto resize your uploaded images to suit their layout, so preparing them to their recommended size will give maximum impact.

Unfortunately, sizing images correctly for social media is no simple task and even following the guidelines, photo dimensions vary according to where and how it’s shared — from cover photos, to timeline images, to profile pictures.

Programs such as Canva and Relay are great for ready-made templates for various uses including social media timelines, cover and profile pictures. Then others such as Pablo by Buffer create visuals only for Facebook and Instagram timelines.


TIP: Take the opportunity when creating your own visuals to include a logo, watermark, web address or social media handle, discreetly of course, to be sure that any credits come back to you when the post goes viral!


Use this quick reference cheat sheet to ensure you have your sizing correct.


Social Media Visual Cheat Sheet





































Download your copy of SIZE MATTERS

Now there is no excuse for blurry images or breaching copyright!

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