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Asking for Customer Testimonials

Asking for Customer Testimonials


Your Customers Feedback

Some clients will stay with your business forever and some customers will only use your products or services once but every one of them can give you a testimonial. These can be a great source of feedback to improve your service and a great insight for new clients.

Testimonials from your customers are an important business tool as it gives potential customers/clients insight on your offered services. Any positive comment received can and should be considered for use as a testimonial for your website or social media. You may even use it with any promotional material that you send out to prospects/clients.

Always ask clients for permission before publishing their comments about your service.

Asking for a testimonial

You may feel awkward asking for a testimonial but you will find it gets easier each time you ask. Many of your customers also feel awkward because whilst they love what you do for them they don’t always know what to write.

The following is the script that I send to clients when I request a testimonial – the reply I always get is that they are grateful for the assistance.


“Hi [NAME]

I was hoping that you would be able to provide me with a testimonial for [WORK COMPLETED]- it is through testimonials from my existing clients that I am able to give prospective clients an idea of how I can assist them.  


I know how hard it can be to write a testimonial so if it’s needed I have included the following to help – these questions may assist in completing the template below –   


  1. What were your concerns before using our service – how did you feel after contacting us?
  2. What did you love about the service – how were we able to help you?
  3. How did you feel after receiving our service?
  4. Would you recommend [YOUR BUSINESS] to anyone?


With your answers complete this easy template!


I approached [YOUR BUSINESS] because… 

[YOU] helped me by… 

The result was… 

One thing I liked was their… 

I found the experience… 

I would recommend [YOUR BUSINESS] to people who need…


And you’re done! And thanks so much!”


You may even like to ask for a photo to use when publishing the testimonial.

Social Media Reviews

If your client is a social media user you may also like to request that they post a review to your business page or if they post a status update from their own profile ensure that the status is marked for public viewing. If they are a LinkedIn user also request that they endorse your services.

If you would like assistance in obtaining testimonials from former and current clients, contact Baillie Admin Services to discuss how we can help.


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