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Are you running your BUSINESS? Or is your business running YOU?

Are you running your BUSINESS? Or is your business running YOU?

Do I really need a Virtual Assistant?

Think about this –

You have no life outside of your business

You are in constant overload

You’ve missed important milestones in your business and personal life

You have an admin pile – not a file

You’re spending too much time on tasks you don’t understand

You’re doing things you don’t love in your business

Your routine tasks are boring you

You have no time for business development

You’ve blown a business opportunity because you missed a deadline

You no longer have time to be creative

You’re missing the fun part of your business

Did you find yourself answering yes to these statements?
Download the Checklist Do I need a Virtual Assistant?.


You thought that when you started your business you could have that work/life balance that everyone talks about. You would spend dedicated time on your business and then be able to make the transition to home life – clean and simple. You would even be able to see the kids’ performances at school. However without knowing just when it happened, you have found that the majority of your time is spent working and you are now spending very little time relaxing, socialising, enjoying family time, etc. Chances are, even when you do take time for yourself you are still worrying about all of the things that aren’t getting done.


You started your business because you had a passion or a great idea, you probably didn’t realise that the administration side of your business could and would take over from what you are actually trying to achieve. You know that there are so many administrative tasks in your business that you can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t and you don’t do – that your time is better spent working on the revenue raising aspects of your business so why would you spend that time on Google and YouTube trying to educate yourself on a task or wasting your precious time on those routine tasks that are so boring. You know the hourly value of your time why use it doing something you hate – usually anything to do with your accounts. Sure all these tasks must be completed but is it really necessary that they are completed by you.


Now that your business is booming you have a list of all these wonderful ideas in your head that you would like to implement into your business. Unfortunately unless you are taking time out to consider strategic planning as well as business development, which includes attending networking events, your business will not continue to grow.


It’s also possible you’ve become so overwhelmed with doing business that you are no longer following your passion for your business. It all started out as fun but somewhere along the line it’s become a chore. You are probably alternating between feeling like you are in constant overload and feeling guilty that you are not giving your attention to the situation at hand.


These are sure signs you are in need of someone to take a bit of the burden – a virtual assistant can be handling your everyday tasks while you work on what’s important. Imagine knowing that even when you’re spending time with family and friends or taking a vacation, or attending client meetings that things aren’t going undone. That’s the peace of mind working with a virtual assistant can give you. A virtual assistant can help you implement those new ideas. And, if you’re still not sure, try keeping a log of what you do for a week and see where you are spending your time (and perhaps where you are losing the opportunity to make money).


Baillie Admin Services is available for your outsourcing needs for one off or ongoing projects. Call today to discuss your particular needs.

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